- Tag’s Unique Approach -

Tag is a global charity that deploys unique  humanitarian expertise and proven social models to create sustainable solutions for developing countries. Tag believes in the power of knowledge to change lives. We specialise in adapting proven expertise to new situations.

To date, Tag has delivered more than 25 projects in 12 counties across South Asia, East Africa, the Middle East and the former Soviet Union, focused primarily on sustainable livelihoods through agriculture, women’s health through reduction of maternal and infant mortality, and youth empowerment through mentoring and skills.

Tag works with established local partners to identify pressing development needs, and assists in devising, planning and implementing creative and effective  development programs. By collaborating with impressive knowledge partners, Tag leverages valuable expertise to build and harness local capacity.

Tag works to:

  • Share the best Israeli Israel
  • Offer valuable expertise
  • Deliver sustainable, measurable impact
  • Adopt a holistic and integrated approach
  • Introduce game-changing innovation
  • Empower local partners

Tag in Numbers:

25 projects
12 countries
45 communities helped
100+ training courses
$4,4000,000 raised
100,000 people benefited
1,000,000 to impact in the next 5 years

If knowledge is power… then sharing knowledge can be a powerful force for change.
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