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Agriculture is the backbone of most developing countries and a key driver for growth and progress.

Agriculture is the backbone of most developing countries and a key driver for growth and progress. Tag delivers agriculture-based livelihood improvement projects and creates demonstration farms that provide valuable training and innovative technologies. We build local capacities of farmers through valuable Israeli agricultural expertise to introduce new crop varieties, enhance farming methods and improve water usage to increase yields and crop quality, as well as improve pollination through beekeeping – thereby improving household nutrition and health.

In Myanmar (Burma) we are working to improve livelihoods and food security for vulnerable communities through the introduction and modernisation of beekeeping sector, training hundreds of new and existing beekeepers, and through efforts to increase pollination. In Kenya, we are developing a demo farm and have established a poultry farm, an we are providing dozens of farming families with training and agriculture loans. In Sri Lanka, Tag established an agriculture training centre and model farm in the heart of an area battered by war and the Asian Tsunami and in Rwanda we help develop agriculture training at a youth village.

Tag does an excellent job in seeking to share Israeli innovation and knowledge with developing countries… ensuring developing countries have access to cutting edge expertise.”

Ivan Lewis, British Member of Parliament, Shadow Minister for International Development


Agriculture Centre for Excellence

About 40 farmers have received training at the Tag/Sarvodaya Agriculture Training and Development Centre, where programs are led by local agronomist Professor V. Arulnandhy. As a result of the centre’s work, increasing numbers of farmers are…

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Agriculture Training and Demonstration Farm

As 90% of Rwanda’s revenue derives from agriculture, farming is a key lever in developing this emerging country that contends with so many challenges. And yet, despite a major skills and education deficit, Rwanda is making…

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Increasing Pollination in Myanmar

With support from the agriculture company Syngenta, Tag is running a pollinator project in Myanmar aimed at developing an education campaign and activities to support the awareness and protection of beneficial pollinators (honey bees) as well…

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Life Stories 2: Beekeeping Improving Lives

From Gold Mine to Golden Honey U Hein Htun (Male, 42) from Htal-Toon village was working in a nearby goldmine before the Plan Bee project. He managed to make a living, but the work was very tough…

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Life Stories: Improving Livelihoods

Sweet Dream: A New Beekeeper Finds his Queen For Thar Ngee, a 22 year old from Kyauk Htet in Southern Shan State, being a beekeeper was the furthest thing from his imagination. Until Plan Bee arrived to…

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Plan Bee Beekeeping Project

Some have Plan A; Tag has Plan Bee. Tag is delivering a major project to modernise beekeeping in Myanmar (Burma) projected to impact on the lives of 100,000 people by building capacity of the beekeeping and honey…

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Rain harvesting and Greehouse with Golden Girls

Tag installs rain harvesting system at Amilo Primary School In collaboration with the Golden Girls Foundation, Tag set up a rain harvesting system at the Amilo Primary School in the Kisumu region of Kenya in 2013. Rain…

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Rice to the Top

We are establishing a rice project in Ahero, Western Kenya to enhance the profitability of rice growing in the area. The region is very fertile and has great agricultural potential, but has been largely neglected. People…

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Rural Young People Ready for Work

Realizing Potential, Addressing Barriers, Developing Young Leaders among rural Youth and Excluded With the support of IDRC, an agency of the Government of Canada, we are launching a project in Shan State to enhance employability skills for…

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Sustainable Development

The Solomon Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean northeast of Australia. They are exposed to natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamis. Food security in the region is also under threat, as a result of…

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Unlocking Sesame’s Potential

TAG together with its partner SARA (Sustainable Action for Rural Advancement) are beginning a project to improve the sesame sector in Myanmar, which has the potential to lift hundreds of thousands of families out of poverty…

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This project is introducing innovative approaches to leverage water to improve the education, health and life chances for girls in the Lake Victoria Region of Kenya. With the generous support of the Jochnick Foundation and in…

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