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Empowering women, strengthening their societal status and looking after their health, contributes significantly to the resilience and health of the entire population.

Empowering women and improving their health and wellbeing contributes significantly to the resilience and health of the entire population. We work with local partners to develop innovative community-based solutions that empower and inform women and help them gain access to much-needed healthcare. We also focus on reducing maternal and infant mortality through improved understanding of health, hygiene and nutrition and through improved detection and treatment.

In Indonesia Tag is providing training and support to community health workers, nurses and doctors, enabling greater access to health services in remote and vulnerable villages, along with a mobile clinic that is providing assessments and treatment. In Turkey, Tag’s project increased access of marginalized women to modern healthcare. Our project with Bedouin women in Israel is a community-based project aimed at reducing diabetes and other chronic health challenges.


A Drop of Milk: Enhancing Maternal and Infant Health in Myanmar

Thanks to the support and partnership of the Rotary in Yangon, Myanmar and Seattle, USA, we have launched A Drop of Milk, a midwives training program to enhance prenatal and antenatal maternal and child healthcare in…

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Health Promotion for Roma Women

In the absence of a comprehensive policy to address their situation, the Roma population in Turkey faces social exclusion and marginalization with respect to education, and discrimination with respect to health services. The Roma population also…

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Improving infant and mother’s healthcare in rural Indonesia

To live in rural Indonesia typically means to be cut off from proper healthcare.  Maternal and infant mortality rates are a challenge, despite huge progress. Our project aims to improve mother and baby healthcare in remote…

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Women’s Health and “Health Mobile”

Improving infant and mother’s healthcare in rural Indonesia Tag’s grass-roots maternal and infant mortality reduction project operates across rural villages in Central Java, Indonesia with its local partner YAKKUM. Vital training is provided for local healthcare workers…

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Women’s Health Centre

In collaboration with Magen David Adom, a range of experts on women’s health will work with their Jordanian counterparts. Tag will supply equipment needed for providing women’s health services, as well as assist with the refurbishment…

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