- Baby Burma: Israeli expertise saving lives in Myanmar -

A Drop of Milk is a midwives training program that addresses gaps in the provision of both prenatal and antenatal maternal and child healthcare in Myanmar.

A Drop of Milk (based on the Israeli model Tipat Halav), has gone into full swing after many months of laying the groundwork, project of TAG International Development with Rotary International, and implemented in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Yangon and the Rotary Club of Vashon Island.

Four doctors 50 midwives have just been receiving training from Israeli experts in a “Training of Trainers” model – empowering the midwives to train an additional 108 auxiliary midwives on healthcare and high-risk pregnancies for mothers and child development up to the age of 5 years.  The impact of the training will reach 138 villages in Shan State, Myanmar.

Additionally, 4 hospitals will receive life-saving equipment for high risk pregnancies and births. Some of the equipment is donated by Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, including an ultrasound machine previously unattainable for the local hospital. The launch was covered in a three-part series by Israeli Channel 10 News.

Training included:

  • Maternity Care- High Risk Pregnancies and bleeding, Pre-term Pregnancies, and Gestational Diabetes
  • Child Development- Typical and atypical development from 0-12 months
  • Infection Prevention, Newborn CPR, Nutrition during pregnancy and for newborns, 1- and 5-minute physical assessment of newborns
  • Use of an ultrasound machine and kiwi vacuum assisted delivery system


The attendees provided positive feedback on the training and expressed eagerness to expand their learning to save more lives.

In addition, 50 maternal health kits were distributed to midwives and auxiliary midwives, enabling them to provide in-home care for those unable to reach a clinic.

The Israeli international experts accompanied the head doctor and his team to a village in the mountains, where they assisted with a health talk and examining the villagers.

The OBGYN doctors assisted the doctor in performing a C-section, a vacuum labor, and other procedures in the Pindaya Hospital.

Vered Kater, a community health nurse who has brought her expertise to communities all around the world, will spend the next two weeks in the villages with midwives to oversee the implementation of knowledge and use of equipment.

Special thanks to MASHAV (Israel’s Agency for International Development Coordination) for their assistance transporting donated equipment, and the Israeli Embassy of Yangon, especially His Excellency Ambassador Danny Zonshine and his wife for supporting the project with on the ground assistance, hosting the delegation of Israeli international experts, and transporting all the Israeli donated equipment.  Their support has been invaluable for this project.

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