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Tag is working with the Azerbaijan Red Crescent to empower frontline communities along the disputed border with Armenia. Operating in six conflict-affected frontline villages, Tag’s resilience-enhancing activities include improved knowledge of first aid, outdoor adventure training for youth and the reintroduction of the traditional craft of carpet weaving. Previously, Tag assisted with the provision of first aid training and equipment, and the refurbishing of first aid training centres.

Resilience Building and Empowerment

The Kazakh region of Azerbaijan is on the frontline in a state of war-induced tension with Armenia and the surrounding area is contaminated by landmines. Residents of the villages in the region contend with poverty and a sense of alienation

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Additional Projects

First Aid Training Centre in Kuba and Ismayalli

Azerbaijan is prone to natural disasters, in particular earthquakes, floods and landslides, and a high percentage of the population lacks adequate access to medical care. Since 2007, Tag has been working with the Azerbaijan Red Crescent (AzRC) to develop emergency

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Resilience on the frontline

A three-year war between Azerbaijan and Armenia (1991-1994), led to the loss of twenty thousand lives in Azerbaijan. Land mines along the contested border still claim victims. In 2011, in partnership with AzRC, Tag organized a month-long football tournament for

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