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Tag is operating Hoops for Kids, a basketball project for at-risk youth in various slums and rural communities in Nairobi and Kisumu, focused on empowering young people with life skills through sport. With the support of the Jochnick Foundation and Kids Connect Network, we are working to improve life skills training whilst expanding our reaching to thousands of children each week.

Tag and the Team Kenya, with the generous support of the Jochnick Foundation, are leveraging rainwater harvesting to improve education for girls in Kenya through better health and hygiene, upgraded nutrition and psychosocial support for girls and women. The project also involves managing a revolving loan fund and agricultural training for mothers of school-age girls to increase their prosperity, so that girls may gain an education.

Hoops for Kids Nairobi

In Nairobi, Kenya, Tag is establishing a basketball-based youth empowerment project, working with local basketball teams to instil vital life skills in at-risk and vulnerable youth. Based on the success of Hoops for Kids in Israel, Tag will be bringing this project to developing countries through the generous support of Kids Connect Network and the Jochnick Foundation.

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Additional Projects

Rice to the Top

We are delivering a rice growing initiative in Western Kenya, a highly fertile region with great agricultural potential that has been largely neglected. This project addresses the barriers farmers face to succeed at growing rice, such as access to water, farming inputs, finance, information, training and markets. Provision of irrigation support will enable two rice crops per year, dramatically increasing income from rice growing. Training of the farmers in proper fertilizer and pesticide use, along with new rice milling capacity, will facilitate profitable rice growing in the region. The project begins with an initial 300 farmers and aims to reach 5,000 as it expands.

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i-tek! Bringing information technology and digital literacy to remote areas

Tag delivered a project to bring the benefits of information and communications technology (ICT) to remote and marginalised communities in Kenya in Ndhiwa, Homa Bay in Western Kenya in partnership with Team Kenya.

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Tag and the Team Kenya, with the generous support of the Jochnick Foundation, are leveraging water to improve education for girls in Kenya through better health and hygiene, upgraded nutrition and psychosocial support for girls and women. We are introducing a pioneering rainwater harvesting system into schools in the Lake Victoria region of Kenya to provide clean and safe water for pupil use as well as educational purposes, such as a sustainable school garden.

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Private: Girls Advocacy Centre

Our Girls Advocacy Centre will be established in Ndhiwa, a rural town in Homa Bay County, where 60% of people live in extreme poverty and which has the highest HIV/AIDS rate in Kenya. Sadly, gender discrimination and inequality is rampant.

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Hoops for Kids Kisumu

The Slums Dunk-Hoops for Kids project has recently expanded from Nairobi to Kisumu, aiming to reach 750 young people in its first year through sport-based life skills programs, both on the weekend and after school.

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Find yourself in your water world

Tag and the local Golden Girls Foundation of Kenya are empowering teachers with skills in water therapy, so as to establish a system to detecting and support traumatized pupils and enabling them to learn to the best of their abilities.

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Rain harvesting and Greehouse with Golden Girls

Tag installs rain harvesting system at Amilo Primary School In collaboration with the Golden Girls Foundation, Tag set up a rain harvesting system at the Amilo Primary School in the Kisumu region of Kenya in 2013. Rain Harvesting expert Amir

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On the ground in Kenya with Yael Livneh Faingezicht

Leveraging Water to Empower Girls and Women in Kenya Yael Livneh Faingezicht, the Water Play Therapist who, along with rain harvester Amir Yehieli, and project manager Yossi Offer, played an integral role in the pilot. Yael’s responses: “I worked mostly

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Wildlife Ranger Training

Wildlife rangers are brave individuals who protect beautiful wild animals from increasingly well armed and vicious poachers driven by the lucrative market for animal body parts. Despite this, many wildlife rangers are operating without having had basic first aid training,

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