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Tag has established an agriculture training centre and model farm in Batticaloa, eastern Sri Lanka, in the heart of an area battered by war and the 2004 Tsunami, where Israeli technologies and methodologies are being adapted to local conditions to increase income and generate jobs in the surrounding farming communities.

Tag has also stimulated two technology driven projects, using smartphones for economic and community development and using handheld devices for a cyber-ranger project to address human-animal conflict.

Agriculture Centre for Excellence

About 40 farmers have received training at the Tag/Sarvodaya Agriculture Training and Development Centre, where programs are led by local agronomist Professor V. Arulnandhy. As a result of the centre’s work, increasing numbers of farmers are adopting organic farming methods.

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Additional Projects

Smart phones for poverty alleviation

With a donation of Smartphones from Google, Tag has succeeded in transforming a personal device into a community tool, with unexpectedly lucrative results in a remote village in Sri Lanka. Thanks to a partnership between Tag and Sri Lanka’s largest

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Cyber Ranger

A team of Tag professionals along with two senior employees of Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) visited Sarvodaya in Sri Lanka to introduce the Cyber Tracker technology as a tool for disaster preparedness and to improve living conditions. Tag is collaborating

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Art Activism for Community Development

Dr. Ephrat Huss, a lecturer in Social Work and Art Therapy from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, held workshops and training sessions at the Sarvodaya Training Centre in Batticaloa, in eastern Sri Lanka on ways of using art to

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