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Hoops for Kids

Launched in Nairobi in January 2015 and expanded to Kisumu in 2016, based on the Israeli model “Salim Leyeladim” and with the support of the Kids Connect Network, Hoops for Kids aims to empower youth living in two of the largest slums in the world with life skills that transform their future. Our project runs a daily after-school program which directly benefits over 1,700 youth at-risk currently. By combining rigorous basketball training with integrating crucial life skills curriculum focused on raising self-esteem; developing a sense of responsibility for one’s community and improving collaboration and teamwork–Hoops for Kids improves school retention rates while creating safe after school program for youth living in urban slums, especially those who are vulnerable to gang violence crime, drugs, and gender based violence.

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This 2016 #GivingTuesday, November 29th, we need your help to make an even bigger impact! Your donations on #GivingTuesday will make a huge difference:



If you are a UK taxpayer, you may prefer to donate using our UK facility:


- Immediate & practical things we need your help for now -

  • $15

    Would supply a pair of shoes for a young basketball player, as many do not have proper shoes.

  • $25

    Would supply three basketballs.

  • $50

    Would supply a water purifier dispenser to provide clean water for kids living in the slums.

  • $108

    Would provide supply the fee to play in a basketball tournament which allows the kids to travel outside of the slums.

  • $324

    Would safeguard 2 individuals from becoming victims of human trafficking, through expert vocational training.

  • $939

    Would enable five victims of human trafficking to receive one months assistance and rehabilitation, including accommodation and training, in a designated shelter.

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