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October 6, 2015

Tag’s beekeeping project and centre is attracting continued attention in the Myanmar media – this time in the business press.


Myanmar Business Today headlineThe UK-based INGO Tag International Development has opened a beekeeping centre “Plan Bee” in Pindaya, Danu Self-Administered Zones (SAZ) of Southern Shan State.

Plan Bee is aimed at giving visitors a chance to learn about bees, the process of producing honey and the profession of a beekeeper in Myanmar, the NGO said.

Tag International Development said its objective is to alleviate poverty in the rural areas of Myanmar by creating additional incomes through the advancement of beekeeping which comprises the production of honey, apicultural by-products such as candles and beeswax balm and pollination services.

The NGO said it will provide trainings and support along with beekeeping equipment to interested community members.

Beyond an increase in the number of households obtaining additional income from beekeeping, Tag International said it has also achieved improvements in the applied honey production techniques through the introduction of modern beekeeping technology.

“The ‘Plan Bee’ Beekeeping Centre will not only represent a place to educate people about beekeeping and about honey. The centre will provide a place to beekeepers in the whole of Myanmar that represents their interests,” Rabbi Yossi Ives, founder and chairman of Tag International Development, said.

“This will give them a place that demonstrates the importance of the sector to the government, to visitors and to the agricultural sector and finally a place that provides beekeepers with access to high-quality equipment at an affordable price,” he added.

Since October 2013, the project has received financial support from the Livelihoods and Food Security Trust Fund (LIFT), a multi-donor fund jointly established by twelve governments and Mitsubishi Corp to reduce the number of inhabitants of Myanmar living in poverty by half.

Additional partners – supporting the technical implementation – are the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development (MLFRD), Parami Development Network (PDN) and Danu Literature, Culture and Development Association (DLCDA).

The project currently spans 18 villages in five townships as well as one rural development school. It aims at impacting lives of 100,000 people through the creation of community-based enterprises and cooperatives, Tag International said.

An expansion of the beekeeping trainings to further areas of Shan state as well as Kayah state is planned.

In addition to increasing the production volume of honey in Myanmar, Tag International Development said it plans to open new domestic and international markets to the Myanmar honey producers.

Particularly, the highly turbulent European honey market may warmly welcome quality honey from Myanmar. A decline of the European bee population has been followed by reports on cases of systematic fraud around considerable amounts of Chinese honey declared as local produce.

With technical experience of two years in Myanmar’s honey business and an agenda full of new ideas, Rabbi Yossi Ives said, “We are going to make Myanmar honey famous and available around the world.”

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