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Tag assisted its local partner, YAKKUM (Christian Foundation for Public Health) to adapting Israel’s community centre model to the conditions in Indonesia.

In November 2011, following a 7.7 magnitude earthquake and the eruption of Mount Merapi, a team from Tag travelled to Indonesia and conducted a two-day workshop with victims, policy makers and professionals and agreed to help establish a community centre in the vicinity, with a special emphasis on disaster preparedness, mitigation, and response. The workshop identified the needs of the vulnerable populations and the critical functions to be performed by the community centre, including disaster preparedness, Women’s health and empowerment, Psycho-social and post trauma programs, youth activities and vocational training. More specifically, the discussions focused on the following:

In July, 2012, a delegation of professionals from YAKKUM (supplemented by a delegation from Sri Lanka) participated in a seminar in Israel on issues of community centre development, co-hosted by Tag and MASHAV, the Israel Government’s international development agency.

The seminar provided training in community centre management, good governance and leadership development, staff training, and mobilization of volunteers. The community centre will address a wide range of issues, such as community resilience, intergenerational activities, disaster management, psychosocial support and trauma care, tolerance and pluralism, programs for disabled, women’s empowerment, and preventative health.

Israel has considerable experience and expertise in community centre management and in utilizing community centres as levers for promoting the wellbeing of communities and disadvantaged groups. Tag professionals worked with YAKKUM to develop the suitable organisational structure and functions of a community centre, train local staff and help policy makers with the development of a strategic plan for the centre.

Subsequently, two model centres were established in Jogjakarta, and on-site training workshops were led by four Tag professionals and YAKKUM staff. Working meetings were held villages with professionals, community leaders, and local government during which each village developed a blueprint for governance, organization, and mobilization of community resources.

Tag provided seed funding for several social activities for women, youth and farmers. Yakkum published a booklet on the development process which is being used in the development of additional centres. The process was successful due to the fact that all involved were sensitive to the fact that any attempt to introduce social innovations must adapt to social conditions and needs as well as to local norms, values and community structures and perceptions.



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