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Tag and the local Golden Girls Foundation of Kenya are empowering teachers with skills in water therapy, so as to establish a system to detecting and support traumatized pupils and enabling them to learn to the best of their abilities.

Yael Livneh Faingezicht – a Tag expert consultant in psychology, specializing in Emotional Integrative Water Therapy – came from Israel to work with teachers from Amilo, Ogwodo and KÓdhiambo primary schools, as well as staff from the Golden Girls Foundation in the rural Miwani division of Kisumu County, Kenya.

Yael demonstrated techniques to relieve stress, improve concentration, and encourage creativity among pupils and teachers alike through the medium of water. Upon completion of a full training course, teachers will be able to identify pupils who are coping with stress or living with psychological trauma, improve pupils’ powers of concentration and provide a range of soothing, enjoyable tools to enrich the learning environment.

Under Yael’s guidance, the children drew pictures – using coloured markers for the first time in their lives – that expressed what water means to them. Together, the pupils chose some of the drawings to be copied onto the water tank adjacent to the school. Among the many activities she initiated were exercises with a full-length wall-mounted mirror (an object they had never used before); games of volleyball (using a suspended rope as a “net”); swinging on a tire swing; and the building of individual “water worlds” with colourful pipe cleaners and modelling clay. With her help, they coloured water with food colouring and captured it in small plastic bags which were transformed into soothing toys. They also built mud and grass models of their villages and the people and animals in them. Her workshops were received with great enthusiasm by all participants.

We have plans to expand the project, granting the teachers in the three schools the tools to utilize water therapy techniques and other interactive and expressive teaching methods, to reduce stress and psycho-social disturbance amongst pupils (specifically girls), to improve teachers’ engagement with pupils, to enhance the pupils’ self-esteem, to reduce personal and environmental pressures and to create a supportive environment for pupils struggling with the effects of problematic socioeconomic backgrounds and social complexes. This would be achieved through an extensive training and support program provided by our experts.

If knowledge is power… then sharing knowledge can be a powerful force for change.
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