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Addressing the Crisis in Uman

Uman has a population of 80,000, and every year around September when the Jewish New Year falls, nearly half that number of Jewish pilgrims descends on the city to visit the grave of the eighteenth century sage, Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav.

Over time, the large numbers of visitors have led to tensions between the locals and the foreigners, so in 2011 it was proposed to partner with the Ukraine Red Cross to initiate a healthcare project that would benefit both populations – by building a bridge of peace and understanding.

Tag established and equipped a small clinic and provided a first aid training programme to both build local capacity and serve the medical emergency needs of all residents of the city. The clinic is available the year round to serve the local population. Tag and MDA also donated a fully-equipped intensive care ambulance to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

The renovation transformed the clinic from floor to ceiling, including plumbing and electricity, and office and medical equipment was provided, ranging from chairs and desks to gauze and syringes. Tag also contributed to the salary of a local doctor for the clinic’s initial phase of operation.

A 14-strong team of paramedics visited Uman for a ten-day period in September to provide medical support and training, and to set the foundation for potential future cooperation. Paramedics at the clinic provided round-the-clock shifts, treating diabetes, asthma, coronary incidents and light injuries.

Additionally, Tag and MDA provided the Ukraine Red Cross with a fully-equipped intensive care ambulance to be used in Uman to ensure swift response to medical emergencies.

Meanwhile, the Ukraine Red Cross is working to obtain a larger building to be used as a major centre for emergency medicine.


Building National Capabilities

Tag’s efforts also encompassed the capital city, Kiev. Ukraine will be co-hosting the UEFA Football Finals this summer, and the Ukraine Red Cross is eager to receive training to be fully prepared for the massive crowds that this event was sure to attract.

Tag conducted a series of training workshops in Kiev for Red Cross professionals and assisted with equipment and refurbishments for a training centre at the Red Cross headquarters.

In September 2011, first aid training was provided to 24 Ukraine Red Cross professional personnel, including paramedics, social work nurses and community nurses. Participants in the workshop in turn are training more local health care professionals/volunteers.

The trained personnel will form the nucleus of a Training Centre for Emergency First Aid to be established in the future.



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