-  Home Care for the elderly in Jakarta  -

With the help of Tag, a new organization was established in Indonesia, headed by the president of Emergency Ambulance Services (118 EAS), an Indonesian NGO, to develop a demonstration home care model in Jakarta and then replicate it in other disaster-prone regions. This project has the capacity to provide critical help to many thousands of elderly people in distress.

Traditional Indonesian values do not tolerate placing the elderly in institutions. Yet, families are often incapable of providing the help themselves. During discussions with top professional staff from Indonesia’s a large ambulance and emergency relief organisation, Tag was requested to assist in the development of the organisational and professional capacity to quickly respond to the needs of the elderly following disasters and in times of need.

With the assistance of MATAV, Israel’s largest and most successful home care NGO, Tag provide EAS with the professional infrastructure, namely the knowledge and trained personnel who can introduce the new profession and develop the required skills and techniques, from training programs to operational guidelines. In November 2010 and March 2011, Tag brought senior staff from MATAV to hold workshops in Indonesia. The workshops included training in issues such as finance, IT, governance, training needs of the various levels of staff, management, supervision and marketing.

Subsequently, Tag brought three senior home care staff from EAS to Israel for two weeks training with MATAV. They were exposed to the working of home care service in several locations including services to its Muslim population. Thereafter, two Senior home care staff were brought by TAG to Israel for three weeks training in trauma at the Rambam hospital in Haifa. With Tag’s assistance, EAS developed a detailed training manual in the local language for the home care workers.

EAS has recruited home care workers mostly retired nurses, who received training and have begun to provide home care to clients. The clients are primarily patients who are being released from hospitals and home bound elderly living alone or who require extensive care.  Agreements have been reached with several hospitals in Jakarta for serving their patients who are being released and need home care. The project is gradually growing, and it is anticipated that this service will eventually provide assistance to many thousands of people.

In February 2012, Tag sent an Israeli physician who specializes in women’s health and a home care specialist to Jakarta. Since the majority of the clients are women, sending a women’s health specialist was critical. The physician conducted home visits to clients with the home care workers and provided additional feedback and training to the local staff. The home care specialist helped in solving operational and organizational issues that arose during the early stages of implementation.

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