-  Hoops for Kids Kisumu  -

The Slums Dunk-Hoops for Kids project has recently expanded from Nairobi to Kisumu, Kenya’s third largest city. Led by a dynamic young coach, the project is based in the Manyatta B slum and engages students from seven schools in soccer and basketball. Tag sponsored a life skills training for teachers from the seven participating schools to complement the life skills training students get during their practice sessions.

Tag is proud to be a part of the consortium facilitating the project in Kisumu, which includes Slums Dunk and Small Now, an Italian NGO, and leverages funds from KCN, Chiese Valdese, and private donations gathered by Slums Dunk. The Kisumu project aims to reach 750 young people in its first year through sport-based life skills programs, both on the weekend and after school. Recently, the project has secure the generous support of the Jochnick Foundation.

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