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In Nairobi, Kenya, Tag has established a basketball-based youth empowerment project, working with local basketball teams to instil vital life skills in at-risk and vulnerable youth ages 8-15. Based on the success of Hoops for Kids in Israel, Tag has brought this project to Kenya through the generous support of Kids Connect Network and the Jochnick Foundation.

The project is establishing after-school centres, educational basketball clinics, and mentoring program, along with providing athletic equipment and coaching. The project is run in conjunction with Slums Dunk, a youth basketball project operating in Kenyan slums.

Slums Dunk-Hoops for Kids project in Nairobi has become a valued programme in the Mathare slum. Children  participate in dynamic basketball practices with integrated life skill lessons. The project provides a safe space for not only the participants, but also their younger brothers and sisters who eagerly watch on the side lines, waiting for when they are old enough to learn basketball themselves. In their high-crime neighbourhood, having this haven after school and on weekends, while many parents work, is extremely valuable.

The project has been blessed with the enthusiastic participation of young coaches from the slum who understand what the children are going through. In addition, players from the local Zetech College and professional players from the Co-op basketball team frequently volunteer to shoot some hoops with the children. Soon the players will join a scheme to mentor the children, helping to raise their aspirations and empower them to imagine a better future.

Enjoy this short video about this project by clicking on the picture below:

HFK basketball

Since launching in the Mathare slum in Nairobi, Kenya in February, 2015, over 700 youth have participated. Parents, teachers, and the kids themselves have seen the transformative impact of teaching life skills to at-risk youth through basketball.


One parent related that she used to worry about her shy son until he became involved with Slums Dunk-Hoops for Kids: “After joining the project his self-esteem improved, he is very bold, active and very disciplined. I saw him playing today and I could not believe my eyes.”

And we are already winners! At a recent basketball tournament, our under-14 girls’ team returned victorious and the boys’ team achieved second place. One of our boys was awarded a medal as the most promising basketball player. From this tournament, 3 girls and 4 boys were chosen to represent Nairobi’s county during a national tournament that will take place in December in Mombasa, Kenya.

Hoops for Kids helps young people transform their futures. Please support this project today. Donate at http://www.tagdevelopment.org/support/donate/

Young People Net a Brighter Future with Hoops for Kids-Slums Dunk

“Young people who take part in basketball activities through Hoops for Kids-Slums Dunk learn how to work hard and acquire important life skills that… empower them to imagine a different future. As a result of this program, they build confidence, perform better at school, andhave bigger aspirations in life.”

Hoops for Kids-Slums Dunk coach.

Launched in Nairobi in January of this year, through the generous support of the Kids Connect Network, Hoops for Kids-Slums Dunk (HFK-SD) reaches over 700 slum-dwelling children and young people through basketball-based life skill education. Targeting at-risk young people in the Mathare Valley slum, the project aims to empower young people and transform their future. Teachers have noticed a marked difference in children’s school attendance and academic performance after participating in HFK-SD’s after-school practices and weekend clinics. Building on the project’s strong start, we plan to implement a new life skills curriculum that will be led by trusted coaches and integrated into basketball practices, instead of life skills being taught separately. Through a participatory effort with stakeholders, Tag’s expert on life skills education and sport has identified decision-making, responsibility, and self-esteem as the most crucial life skills for the children and young people in the HFK-SD program.

Despite growing participation and community support, challenges remain for the project. Many children in Mathare Valley struggle to attend school and basketball practice on a consistent basis due to hunger and inability to pay school fees. Of those who do attend and benefit from the HFK-SD programme, some lack appropriate footwear so they play barefoot or risk wearing out their only pair of shoes. Additional donations to the project would go toward purchasing and storing proper shoes.

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Our vision

To leverage basketball as a tool for empowering at-risk and vulnerable youth and children.

Hoops for Kids is a successful empowerment project running in five cities in Israel (Netanya, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Kaztrin and Tel Aviv) linking basketball clubs with community programs to mentor young people, providing:

  • Educational Youth Clinics
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Classroom Visits
  • After-school centers

You can read more here: http://www.hoopsforkidsintl.org/

Hoops for Kids leverages basketball to:

  • Engage hard to reach at-risk and vulnerable youth
  • Teach important ‘life skills’
  • Have basketball players act as mentors

Five year plan

Now Tag is bringing Hoops for Kids to developing countries around the world.

Over the next five years the plan is for Tag and Kids Connect Network to:

  • Establish 5 Hoops for Kids projects
  • Roll out Hoops for Kids in 5 countries
  • Impact 10,000 children directly
  • Benefit 30,000 community members


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