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Tag International Development shares valuable expertise in collaboration with excellent partners in developing countries to deliver innovative and sustainable impact.
Tag’s current and recent projects are focused on East Africa and South Asia, with an emphasis on agriculture for livelihoods, women’s health and youth empowerment.
Presently, Tag’s main countries of operation are Myanmar (Burma) and Kenya:
In Myanmar, Tag runs Plan Bee, a large beekeeping project, which has trained hundreds of new and existing beekeepers, opened a beekeeping centre, establish a honey business development centre and has introduced a range of innovating methods and equipment. Click here for more information. 
Together with its partner SARA (Sustainable Action for Rural Advancement) Tag is also beginning a project to improve the sesame sector in Myanmar, focused on three townships in Magway District. It is a two-year project funded by USAID. Click here for more information. 
With the support of IDRC, an agency of the government of Canada, we are launching a project in Shan State to enhance employability skills for youth ages 18-25 studying in rural-based agricultural education institutions. We will be providing training and mentoring, and facilitating direct linkages with employers. Click here for more information. 
In Kenya, Tag runs Water Works for Girls, a multifaceted project incorporating: 1) Rainwater harvesting to enable clean water for drinking, cooking, hygiene and sanitation, 2) Girls’ empowerment  activities and combating gender-based violence, and 3) Agriculture innovation in schools and with families to support greater local prosperity. Click here for more information. 
Other projects in Kenya include Hoops for Kids, a basketball-based life skills project for at-risk youth and i-tek, an ICT project to enable young people to gain access to computer and digital skills.
Tag has recently run projects such as:
Reducing Maternal and Infant Mortality in Indonesia, focused on enhancing capabilities of local health providers in rural Central Java and strengthening their links to regional hospitals.
Establishing a Demonstration Farm and Training Centre in Sri Lanka to introduce agricultural innovations, including family drip irrigation kits.
Creating an Agriculture Training Program and Model Farm for youth in Rwanda, ensuring a generation of motivated and skilled agriculturalists equipped with modern farming capabilities.
Developing Youth Resilience in Conflict Areas in Azerbaijan, Providing youth with skills training and empowerment activities along the border region with Armenia.
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