- Managing Corporate Relationships -

All of our corporate partners have a dedicated Account Manager who work with the company to develop appropriate engagement plan and provide on hand support…

We take evaluation and impact measurement of our projects very seriously and work with our partners to ensure that both community and business benefits are recorded

We provide a range of exciting opportunities to engage company employees whether through seeing is believing visits, roadshows, skills and expertise sharing and bespoke employee volunteering placements

We make it easy for companies to fundraise with us through fundraising templates, event development, merchandise and co-branding.


Case studies

Solomon Islands

Key Issue: Solomon Islands, a group of remote islands in the Pacific, vulnerable to food insecurity, climate change and natural disasters with 85% of its population living at subsistence level in rural villages.

Solution: Tag invested $100,000 in 2010-11 to establish the Malaita Development Authority, in the largest of Solomon Islands, focusing on integrating solar technology into a comprehensive development plan.

Impact: In early 2012 the Malaita Development Authority attracted a grant of $30,000,000 to install 2,000 solar powered electricity units for homes and businesses, 20 stand-alone solar stations for public institutions and large enterprises, and a installing a solar farm.


Google Smartphone

Key Issue: Kurunegala, a village in southwest Sri Lanka had few economic prospects or employment opportunities.

Solution: Google supported Tag with 25 Android smartphones, who then teamed up with local partner Sarvodaya Fusion to train villagers in the use of digital and social media.

Impact: A small producer of coir brushes (made from coconut hair) set up a Facebook page. This led to Hayleys, an export company, discovering the opportunity and placing an order for one million brushes per month, resulting in employment for 300 people.

Watch: The whole story is on film: tagdevelopment.org/coir

To find out more and to discuss corporate partnership, please contact Marina Pevzner Hennessy at marina@tagdevelopment.org


“I am happy to be considered a Friend of Tag since it harnesses innovative technology to serve communities of all faiths in poorer countries.”

Syed Kamall, Member of European Parliament



If knowledge is power… then sharing knowledge can be a powerful force for change.
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