- Tag’s Focus -

Our projects empower vulnerable populations, including women, children, the elderly, refugees, and at-risk communities.

- Tag’s Focus -

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    Local Economy

    • Agro Innovation (Sri Lanka, Solomon Islands, Rwanda and India)
    • Small business development (Indonesia)
    • Harnessing water resources (Kenya and India)
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    • Emergency medicine (Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan)
    • Road safety (Myanmar and Vietnam)
    • Women’s health (Indonesia, Rwanda, Turkey)
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    • Disaster preparedness (Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Indonesia)
    • Community centre development (Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan and Indonesia)
    • Homecare for elderly (Indonesia and Georgia)
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     Leveraging Technology

    • Cyber-rangers (Sri Lanka)
    • Smartphones for social development (Sri Lanka)
    • ICT for disaster mitigation (Solomon Islands)
If knowledge is power… then sharing knowledge can be a powerful force for change.
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